Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fake Album #12: Mayflower Brandy

VOLUME I: Arson Fox
Part One: Insolence (Disc One)
1. Gypped
2. Realization Licker
3. Doe Fucker Mentality
4. Seasons of Martyrdom
Part Two: Insomniac Reservations (Disc Two)
1. Foam Muffins
2. Toppled by Waves of Mind Antlers
3. Lucas Brown’s Blue Suit
4. Ringling
Part Three: Conspiracy Nut Jobs Rental Department (Disc Three)
1. Dead Ass Midgets in the Trunk
2. Red Dungeon of Love
3. Oscar Masks His Good Fortune
4. Tuck It Under
Part Four: Wolf is Mankind (Disc Four)
1. Driving Through Insanity
2. Shiteater’s Daydream
3. The Barb
4. Owls
Part Five: Alas a Hallelujah Ocean-Free (Disc Five)
1. Loren
2. Your Cheese Equates to Nastiness
3. Chess Game
4. The Druglord’s Cottage
Part Six: Is Falling Apart (Disc Six)
1. Get Off My Pederast Vacation
2. Top Rejuvenator
3. President of the Monkeys
4. Lucy’s Lipless Kiss
Part Seven: Drug Days (Disc Seven)
1. Skids
2. Troll of Dog
3. Marcus
4. Twinkle in the Rain
Part Eight: Band Together in Separate Cars (Disc Eight)
1. Elkland
2. Fossil Debacle
3. She Wouldn’t Hold Me
4. Waddles of a Chunkier Trot
Part Nine: Really Anyone (Disc Nine)
1. Alien Landing
2. Milkmaid Cometh
3. 9th Avenue
4. Wordless Heatwave
Part Ten: Partition Stands (Disc Ten)
1. In the Morning When I Cry
2. Stuffed Chicken
3. Shortcut to Painstaking
4. The Donor

This fake album sounds like it was more known for its ambitious packaging than it was for its music. But any album, fake or otherwise, that has this many discs (10 CDs? whoa) is going to have to have ambitious packaging, would you not agree? (Although a five-foot depiction of a destitute Native American in sculpture with CD holders at various joints and body holes that costed--hypothetically--$799 was extravagant by any standards.) Most of the songs are basically pop songs with long ambient passages hooking them together, a fake trend that's getting pretty old if you ask me. A minor fake internet hit was scored with the video for "Doe Fucker Mentality." Fake Pitchfork rating: 4.0

To purchase a print of this beautiful fake album cover for an affordable price go here. And please utilize this link to view the master list of every fake album by Vernon Howl.

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