Monday, September 26, 2011

Fake Album #3: The Glass is 49.7% Empty

1. (But At Least) The Glass Didn't Shatter
2. Death of My Didgeridoo Instructor (Pushed Beyond the Edge)
3. The Optimist is Drowning in Lies
4. Poison Times
5. Reject City
6. Blackeye
7. Soul Coup and Subsequent Blockade
8. Spillage, Part I: Milk, Beans and the Ball (An Introduction)
9. Bad Shape
10. Another Name for Redemption
11. The 80-Percenters
12. Lechery
13. The Black Sun Tilts
14. Enormously Boring
15. Human Humanity Breakdown
16. Tabulate the Silence
17. Spillage, Part II: Don't Cry
18. Spillage, Part III: You No Want No Beans?
19. Spillage, Part IV: Dropping the Ball
20. We Who Have Substance (Might Drown Quickly)
21. Desperation Palace
22. Never Do
23. Why the Glass?

This fake album sounds like it mixes up straight ahead late 90s pop rock with noise and obtuse experiments and spoken word bad poetry shit. Fake Pitchfork rating: 2.6

To purchase a print of this beautiful fake album cover for an affordable price go here. And please utilize this link to view the master list of every fake album by Vernon Howl.

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